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Book now your training for September at your office or at our place!

French classes for adults and companies - exclusive

French Academy, Veitmann Céline - 27/08/2018

Are you very flexible or too busy? Do you wish to start from scratch or boost existing knowledge?

Do you want to learn a language for personal or professional reasons?

No matter what your profile is, we have a training for you!

You can choose an Intensive course at our place during September - special session - or, in function of your needs and avaibilities, a Progressive course at your place, your office or at our premises.

Our courses are interactive and based on communication and are conducted exclusively in French by passionate and qualified teachers, all native speakers.

We believe learning a language should go in hand with cultural immersion in very small group.

Take the next step with us!

At French Academy you learn with ease, we teach with passion!

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French Academy, Veitmann Céline


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