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Why sophrology?

Cap sur la Sophrologie, Coaching & Consulting RH  - 04/06/2018


One method involving both our body and our mind in interaction:

  • To live the body, it is necessary to think it
  • And thinking connects me to the outside through the senses, the body language.

The mind is thus bound to the body to apprehend the world in which I live.

One method associating different techniques:

  • Dynamic or passive relaxations

  • Visualisation

  • Phenomenology &

  • Cognitive Psychology

All aspects of my life are concerned.

Various types of exercices, to concentrate on the real, positive and constructive elements and consider life from another angle.

DOMINO EFFECT. A minor change causes a similar change nearby, which causes another similar change, and so on.

  • I feel stronger, more proactive and more confident
  • leading, in the end, to a healthy and relaxed body and mind

A better self-awareness:

  • my emotions, motor of my actions and
  • my reason which channels my emotions

The synthesis of both allows me to adapt to the external reality that I experience each day.

I learn gradually how to use my own "tool box"® (my physical and mental resources).

I can use the exercices in MY daily activities.

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Cap sur la Sophrologie, Coaching & Consulting RH


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