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EPALE summary - June-July focus on non-formal and informal learning

EPALE thematic coordinator Markus Palmén casts a reflective eye on our focus on non-formal and informal learning, which ran throughout the months of June and July 2019.

Epale - 12/08/2019


Informal learning is ever-present

  • Michael Kenny set the stage by arguing in his blog post that informal learning is in fact the lifeblood of lifelong learning, indeed part of the human condition. All human activity contains learning, often unintentional, and informal learning overlaps considerably with non-formal and formal learning activities. Kenny mentions computers as a formidable source of informal learning – for example, just think of what a learning tool YouTube is, with over half of its users saying they use it for learning.

Non-formal learning is a societal force

  • The field of adult education is changing: to draw a rough sketch of the situation we have the soon-to-be-retired practitioners with vast hands-on experience, and the new generation of adult educators with university education. A gap exists between the more theoretical university studies in adult education and the more practice-oriented capacity building of working practitioners. The INTALL project aims to bridge this gap. Read more from thematic coordinator Gina Ebner’s interview with Professor Regina Egetenmeyer.

  • This EPALE focus also featured a podcast interview, hosted by thematic coordinator Simon Broek. Listen to Brigitte Bosche and Anne Strauch from the German Institute for Adult Education, talking about the Greta-portfolioPlus project. The project aims to develop a cross-provider recognition procedure for teacher/trainer competences in adult education – in short to help recognise informal and non-formal learning outcomes of adult educators.
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