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Digital Transformation and DevOps

The DASA Coach Program

Pierre-Olivier Portmann Service Management Consulting - 02/09/2020

The more recent transformation that many organizations have embarked upon is their digital journey, driven by customer needs and expectations of speed, agility, convenience, and overall experience. The success rate in this transformation is low, at around 16%, based on a Forbes article.

When you analyze the journeys of relatively successful transformations, the key elements that contribute to success are:

  • Active Leadership Sponsorship
  • Acknowledging and working on resistance from individuals and teams in the organization
  • Investing in systems, processes, and talent/capability that would enable change adoption.

Most organizations embarking on their Digital Transformation journey consider DevOps as one of the fundamental blocks, especially given the need for speed and agility.

The DevOps Coach is evolving as one of the leadership roles in this context, and is required to possess:

  • the core competencies related to DevOps and a deeper coaching mindset toward partnering with individuals and teams
  • the ability to influence without authority and thereby gain the confidence of the stakeholders
  • the versatility to switch between Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation, and Consulting, depending on the situation 
  • a deeper understanding for the required culture, which will enable the teams to operate with autonomy and feel empowered to move forward on this path to transformation.

The DASA DevOps Coach program was launched with the objective to build the requisite competencies to operate as an effective DevOps coach outlined earlier.

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