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27 result(s) found for this training organism, the reference web site in the training domain in Luxemburg
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Training titleDatetrieCity
Préparation d'un entretien d'embaucheHuman resources Interview techniques Recruitment interview techniques11/09/2018Mamer
Améliorer la qualité de vie au travail et le bien-être de votre équipeDefence, Prevention and Security Prevention and safety at work Working conditions18/09/2018Mamer
Identifier les facteurs de l'absentéisme au travailDefence, Prevention and Security Prevention and safety at work16/10/2018Soleuvre
Konfliktmanagement als Chance zur VeränderungCompany management Supervising Difficult personality management18/10/2018Mamer
Toolbox für Gelassenheit und Resilienz im JobPersonal and professional development Personal effectiveness Stress management18/10/2018Mamer
Menschen erfolgreich beeinflussen Personal and professional development Personal effectiveness18/10/2018Mamer
Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement - Risiken erkennenDefence, Prevention and Security Prevention and safety at work Occupational hazards Psychosocial risk18/10/2018Mamer
Le bien-être des yeux devant l'écranSocial action Health education establishments prevention08/11/2018Soleuvre
Poste de travail informatisé: Prévenir et réduire les douleurs musculairesDefence, Prevention and Security Prevention and safety at work Sanem
Goldene Regeln im Kundendienst und VerkaufSales management Customer satisfaction Sanem

What field are you looking for?

+ Company management
+ Defence, Prevention and Security
+ Health and sanitary sector
+ Human resources
+ Personal and professional development
+ Sales management
+ Social action

Where do you want your training course to take place?

+ Mamer
+ Sanem
+ Soleuvre

What is the duration of the training course you are looking for?

+ 1 day(s)
+ 2 day(s)

What is the price range you are looking at?

+ 200 € - 500 €
+ 500 € - 1500 €

Are you looking for an off-the-shelf or a customised training course?

+ Off-the-shelf and custom-made course
+ Bespoke training

What type of teaching do you want?

+ Inter and intra-company training
+ Intra-company training

When do you want to start?

+ September 2018
+ October 2018
+ November 2018

What level do you want to reach?

+ Beginner
+ Specialisation

What language do you want your training course to be in?

+ Danish
+ German
+ English
+ French
+ Latin
+ Luxemburgish
+ Dutch

What word do you want to include or exclude?


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