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Personal branding

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We are constantly exposed (appointments, interviews, meetings, etc.), and must convey assurance, inspire confidence, and give a good impression at all times.PwC's Academy offers you this very interactive training course, which will enable you to evaluate the image you portray and work on ensuring that this image is aligned with your objectives.

This course is for all audiences, no matter what gender or work experience.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Carry out their own personal diagnosis in order to obtain a true image of oneself
  • Identify their strengths and work on improving certain points to better support their underline message/goal
  • Increase their visibility and impact
  • Adapt certain behaviors to better reflect who they are while respecting their personality
  • Build a personalised marketing plan in order to use their image effectively


1) Carry out a personal diagnosis
  • Individual questionnaire to identify their positioning, the impact of their communication and their "personal brand".
  • Self-awareness: core qualities, talents, values, image.
2) Evaluate their own image
  • Become aware of their image: How am I promoting myself? How am I perceived?
  • My personality vs. my behaviors, my competencies, and my uniqueness.
  • Identifying their potential: what image corresponds to me? How do I project it?
3) Working on their natural charisma
  • The key pillars: their characteristics and their development.
4) Increase their impact:
  • Discover and practice - keys accelerators: posture, gestures, presence, voice, self-confidence.
  • Be able to adapt their style to the context and to interlocutors to give a “true” image of themselves and feel more confident
5) Implementation and Learning Log
  • Identifying an objective, make it achievable, explore resources, key learning points, plan specifics actions
Méthodes pédagogiques

The "+" of this training

  • Practical and experimental approach
  • Self-evaluations and questionnaires
  • Respectful and challenging approach
  • Individual focused
  • Creativity and " fun "

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Managers and client-facing staff
All audiences who want to improve their personal branding


Certificat, diplôme

A certificate will be delivered to participants.

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