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Anticipating, Preventing and Surviving Burnout

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IntroductionIn today's increasingly competitive economy, managers and their teams need to learn how to target the energy invested into ensuring the success of their business and careers.

High performance at work will only have a limited impact on success if efforts are not focused on the right areas and are not appropriately recognised and valued.

Although burnout is now a recognised psychosocial risk, for many it remains a taboo:
  • What are the early signs of burnout?
  • How can I spot these signs?
  • When should I take action?
  • Which management practices can lead to burnout?

This course is designed to provide practical answers to managers and staff alike. It aims to show professionals how to efficiently channel their efforts and energy into their business and personal endeavours.

The course will cover personal, interpersonal and organisational aspects.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • identify and describe the key stages of burnout;
  • re-establish and maintain inner balance;
  • prevent burnout (both on a personal level and within their teams) through sound management practices;
  • identify management needs for different profiles within a team;
  • optimise leadership to prevent burnout (both on a personal level and within a team);
  • spot early signs of burnout on a personal level and in others;
  • impose limits on what they require of themselves and of others;
  • take appropriate action in the event of burnout (communication, compliance with laws and regulations).


  • Definition and stages of burnout
  • Knowing your individual strengths and vulnerabilities with respect to burnout and remedying imbalances
  • Defining individual profiles and areas of vulnerability
  • Management pillars: setting up an efficient and protective structure
  • Organisational structure: sharing out responsibilities, decision-making and tasks
  • Functional profiles within a team and burnout situations
  • Leadership and burnout
  • Early signs of burnout and paths to burnout.
  • Compulsory orders
  • Diversity of communication channels and means of communication
  • Assertive communication techniques
  • Managing burnout:
    • Communicating with the burnout victim and with his/her professional circle
    • Legal and regulatory framework


Certificat, diplôme

An attendance certificate will be sent to participants.

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