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Intellectual property rights

60 heure(s)

du 15 janvier au 14 juin 2019


  • To provide a practical approach to the basic principles governing recognition and protection of intangible assets in businesses.
  • To explain intellectual property rights: patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, and related commercial interests including confidential information, trade secrets and know-how.
  • To provide an insight into the exploitation of intellectual property and the strategic business use of patents and database information.
  • To introduce the methodologies used for valuation of intangible assets and strategies for their valorization.


The content is composed of 16 interactive modules combining theory and practical exercises.

General Presentation of IP – 2 modules
The main source of wealth of a company can lie in its intellectual capital. Although the company may not be aware of it, intangible assets are part of its business assets and include intellectual property. Therefore this introductory course explains how to identify intangible assets, introduces the distinction between intellectual property and industrial property and defines what can and cannot be protected by intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property rights – 5 modules
This course contains modules dedicated to each intellectual property right, enabling the learner to understand the basic principles that govern patents, trademarks, designs and copyright, and discusses the question of rights ownership. It also contains a full module dedicated to the matter of software protection, database protection and intellectual property on the Internet.

Alternative to IPR – 1 module
Although not recognized as an intellectual property right, a trade secret is considered a means of protection of valuable intangible assets. Secrecy and confidentiality can give a competitive advantage. This course explains the concept of trade secret to spot the type of the information that can be protected, considering the limits and advantages of protection. Means of trade secret protection against competitors are extremely important: confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses on agreements.

IP valuation – 5 modules
This part of the training is about the calculation of intellectual property value and the exploitation of intellectual property, with a particular focus on licensing.

Strategic information – 3 modules
This course presents different available sources of patent, trademark and design information, and shows, through the use of many practical examples and exercises, how to collect, analyse and interpret patent information.


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