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After this course, you will understand the operating principles and organisation of the share market, having analysed:

  • The source and development of variable incomethese securities
  • The players and parties involved
  • The basic characteristics of shares (physical presentation, types of shares, shares which do or do not represent capital…) and the regulatory aspects relating to their issue
  • The various types of share markets and categories, not forgetting the new market organisations including requirements laid down by MIF 2 (MIFIR and MiFID 2)
  • The main corporate actions (CAs) on these securities (simple and complex corporate actions)
  • The risks involved in investing in shares
  • The rights and obligations of shareholders
  • The main tools for valuing a share
  • The main area of use in the banking and financial field


  • The origins of variable income securities
  • International development and changes in the equity market
  • Impact and constraints of MIFIR and MIFID I and II in terms of market organisation and transparency
  • Remuneration of the bank
  • Description of disintermediation
  • Types of players and parties involved
  • Basic characteristics
  • The various types of markets and indices
  • Organisation of an equity market
    • Conditions of admission
    • Flotation procedures
    • Listing
    • Settlement and delivery
  • Share issues on formation of a company and regulatory aspects
  • The various types of shares
  • The main corporate actions - CAs
    • Increase in capital
    • Detachment of dividend
    • Takeover bid, share exchange, public buyback offer
  • Topography and assessment of the risks inherent in an investment in shares
  • Rights and obligations of the shareholder
  • Importance of financial information
  • The principles and foundations of valuing a share
  • Remuneration of the bank
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