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How can outsourcing contribute to value creation in your HR department

3,25 heure(s)


  • Better understand the different HR activities,
  • Better understand the role of HR in a company's strategy, how the HR department can have added value,
  • To know which processes can be outsourced and why, how can this impact the added value.


During this workshop we will, at first, examine in closer detail how HR departments can create value for the organization. It can be done through cost reduction and by offering true added value. Next, we will provide you with a better view on which HR tasks are strategic by nature and which assignments and vision will best contribute to the optimization of the value. To this end, we base ourselves on the Ulrich model. How to define outsourcing? Which tasks can be outsourced and how can outsourcing contribute to the creation of value? Outsourcing without increased value is indeed meaningless in itself. Where should we pay attention to when proceeding to outsourcing?

Expert : Bart Coone, Securex Luxembourg

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