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Maximizing your Impact - Motivating yourself to do what you do not want to do

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Sometimes the biggest obstacle to our success is the inability to do the things we know we should be doing – but just don’t really want to do. We put them off, make half-hearted efforts, don’t really invest in success and block our creativity.

Over time, doing what we don’t want to do can lead to dissatisfaction and burn out. In this workshop we will explore how to build our own levels of commitment to our organizations and the tasks we don’t want to do by linking tasks to outcomes and outcomes to motivators, using task dashboards, doing tiring tasks in new ways and managing our time on tasks.

By the end of the seminar, participants will
  • have examined the tasks they don’t want to do
  • the levels of their commitment to the organization and tasks
  • learned how to gain energy from tasks they don’t want to do
  • acquired practical tools and techniques to help them in their workplace
  • committed to making sustainable changes when back at work – one step at a time


  • Identify and dissect the tasks you don’t want to do
  • Your commitments – Organization, yourself, tasks
  • Get going! Eat the frog
  • Pomodoro technique for time on task
  • Defining short term gains from long term projects
  • Heads up displays for progress
  • Recover your energy investment
  • Celebrate your way to motivation!
  • Tools and techniques that really work
  • Planning to go forward – practical advice to make long lasting changes


Certificat, diplôme

An attendance certificate will be sent to participants.

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