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Skill You Up

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Chambre de Commerce and House of Training offer a range of training and workshops to assist you in developing your employability for a professional transition in a new function, or even in another sector of activity.

This is a 14-training course with collective and individual coaching to help you:

  • Identify and value your professional skills, abilities and motivations
  • Work on your ability of resilience and on your definition of a realistic professional project
  • Optimize your presentation and master the tools needed to carry out a job search
  • Formalize your professional action plan


Session 1 - Skills Assessment

Take a personality inventory, a motivation and a professional skills diagnosis via a platform of psychometric tools

Session 2 - Debriefing of the results of the skills assessment

Individual interview with a professional coach to understand how to interpret the skills assessment results

Session 3 - Developing your potential

Accept and integrate the transition between having a job and being a jobseeker, identify resources to help manage this difficult situation and break your isolation

Session 4 - Progressing in your action

Identify your motivations and think about a professional project that is relevant to your experience

Session 5 - Preparing Your Development Interview

Complete an ideal job description, simulate a job interview and build on the group to advance your thoughts

Session 6 - Development Interview

Individual interview with a recruiter from the market to evaluate the relevance of the professional project and define, if necessary, a personalized development plan

Session 7 - Labor Market and Action Plan

Share feedback from the development interview, gain an overall view of the job market, definine your research strategy and action plan

Session 8 - Preparation of the Application File

Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to write effectively your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter. Understand their issues and goals in an application.

Session 9 - Self Marketing

Understand marketing techniques, usually used to promote a brand or business, on your own behalf. Adopt an authentic image to know how to communicate on yourself. Improve your networkto serve your job search

Session 10- Optimize your image via LinkedIn

Acquire the knowledge and techniques to make your profile attractive and to control your e-reputation

Session 11 - Follow-up Workshop 1

Continue to progress in self-knowledge using different personal development tools

Session 12 - Follow-up Workshop 2

Understand the behind the scenes of HR and work with recruiting firms and headhunters

Session 13 - Follow-up Workshop 3

Organize your spontaneous application campaign

Session 14 - Follow-up Workshop 4

Review the different tracks to stay in motion

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Anyone wishing to undertake a professional transition


Certificat, diplôme

At the end of the training, the participants present at all the sessions, will be awarded a label issued by the House of Training and the Chamber of Commerce, valuing the efforts made within the programme

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Organisation Formation inter-entreprise

The main course material will be delivered at the beginning of the course.

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In collaboration with: Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

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