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Master of Science in Banking and Finance

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The Master of Science in Banking and Finance is the flagship programme of the Luxembourg School of Finance. It offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing both classic and more recent areas of the finance discipline as well as the principal functions of banking.

The cross-functional curriculum provides a dynamic framework of analytical skills and intellectual tools, providing an integrated approach to solving complex banking and financial problems.
In addition to abroad range of core courses, students may select one of two streams representing mainstream areas in which they can obtain a deeper knowledge.

Students study with the School’s permanent faculty. The diverse faculty, which maintain close ties to the Luxembourg banking and financial community, engage in leading research and advance banking and financial knowledge and practices on many fronts including market valuation of financial instruments, risk management and behavioural finance. In addition, a roster of invited professors from renowned finance faculties of other universities teach selected courses.


The Master of Science in Banking and Finance curriculum comprises 60 ECTS and 500 lecture hours, in addition to field work or a Master’s Thesis. It is structured in five components:

  • Core Courses: Core courses are obligatory and encompass both foundation and advanced fields of finance and banking. They are organised into four modules: Foundation, Finance, Advanced finance, Accounting, governance and ethics.
  • Stream Courses: Students must select one stream; courses from the chosen stream are obligatory. The programme contains two streams - Banking and Investment Management - containing courses that provide opportunity for more specialised study.
  • Elective Courses: Students must select one elective course from a broad range of available elective courses. Elective courses comprise all stream courses, allowing students to follow a course not in their selected stream. Alternatively, students may choose from two other elective courses offered.
  • Academic week-in-residence: As an integral part of the programme, students are required to attend an academic week-in-residence. The week involves lectures from renowned faculty on specific advanced topics in finance. The location of the Academic week- in residence is to be determined.
  • Internship or Master’s Thesis: As an integral part of the programme, full-time students are required to perform an internship for a period not less than 12 weeks. Students are free to seek the internship that suits their interests and objectives, provided that the nature of the internship is in relation to banking or finance. The LSF provide assistance in finding an internship with a bank or non-bank financial services company of the Luxembourg financial centre. Typically a wide variety of internships representing a range of different business activities in the financial centre are available. Part-time students are required to present a Master’s Thesis on a subject of their related to banking or finance. The subject must be approved by the advising faculty member. Alternatively, students can choose to take three additional courses in lieu of a Master Thesis.

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The programme is ideally suited to students seeking a career in corporate finance, asset and wealth management, banking and related fields.


Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be selected on the basis of their past academic performance and a personal interview with the Managing Director of the programme.


Certificat, diplôme

The MSc in Banking and Finance is a post-graduate degree offered by the Luxembourg School of Finance of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance.

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The programme is offered in both full-time and part-time formats with a start in the autumn.

The full-time programme begins in October and finishes in June of every year, followed by an obligatory internship.

The part-time programme begins in September. Classes are generally held on Fridays and Saturdays (full days) twice per month during semester periods.

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