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This Workshop is designed for anyone who needs to lead People, Organisations or Groups towards the achievement of Goals and Objectives - whether professionally or personally, this is the event for you.

  • Understand what a true Leader actually is...
  • Define the traits of Leadership...
  • Establish personal attributes of Leadership...
  • Build personal and professional confidence...
  • Build a Vision and Mission to engage and inspire...
  • Be respected rather than liked...
  • Define Goals for success...


  • The Power of Vision and Purpose
  • The Rules of Leadership
  • Building Confidence
  • How to be consistent
  • Selling the Dream & Inspiring Action
  • Case Studies from the World's best

In business and in life - people who have the ability to lead others will achieve more, make more money and get promoted quicker - this event shows you how...
Based on David's experience and using contemporary models and concepts this workshop gives participants a framework for Leadership to enable them to achieve more.

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The Workshop can be delivered in a variety of formats - either as a public event or tailored to suit your in-house team - and is designed to be highly interactive, fun and engaging; encouraging high levels of participation and include appropriate Role Playing and supporting activities that appeal to all learning styles.

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