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Concentrated XML Training for non-programmers

16 heure(s)


At the end of the course, the participant shall have a strong knowledge and practices on:
  • XML Schema
  • XML Grammars
  • XML Transformation
  • XML based standards


  • Target knowledge
    • Structural quality control and correction of XML documents in the context of legislation, information, general publications
    • Markup of documents from any context
    • Structural definition, maintenance and control of administrative documents (ex.: e-invoicing)
    • Metadata transmission and conversion
    • Definition, maintenance of XML structured controlled vocabularies (authority tables)
  • XML Basics
    • General introduction
      • General objectives of the XML standard
      • How does it look like? (Roots, elements, tags, attributes, entities, encoding)
      • How does it work?
    • Hands on: structural analysis of various document types (manual markup on paper and electronic files)
      • Articles in a newspaper (with and without images)
      • Legislative documents
      • Technical documentation (including documentation on XML based projects)
      • Administrative documents (price schedules, invoices)
    • Tools
      • Simple text editors
      • XML editors (text oriented, WYSIWYG)
      • Tools for well-formedness validation
  • XML Grammars
    • Introduction
      • Document Type Definition
      • XML Schema
      • Use of namespaces
    • Using XML grammars
      • Automatic validation of documents (validating parsing)
      • Markup of documents
    • Definition of XML grammars (on the basis of the examples used in 1.)
    • Tools for controlling document validity (compliance with grammars)
    • Rule based validation (Schematron)
  • XML Transformation
    • Introduction to XSLT and XPath
      • Presentation of basic XSLT/XPath functionalities
      • Using XSLT engines (Saxon, Xalan)
    • Using XSLT stylesheets for validation of XML documents
    • Using XSLT stylesheets for automatic correction
    • Using XSLT for presentation
  • XML based standards
    • MathML
    • BITS (Book Interchange Tag Set)
    • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Training on the job
    • Formex
    • Akoma Ntoso
    • IMMC Core Metadata and Transmission Protocol
    • Authority tables in XML

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Non-programmers who want to learn XML & XML Schema


Certificat, diplôme

By the end of the training, the trainee will receive a certificate of participation issued by the House of Training.

Informations supplémentaires

The course material will be delivered at the beginning of the course.

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