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Adding Value to my Team

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Whether you are assisting a team daily operations, a project team or a whole department, your input of fluidity in their workload is essential.

Understanding what is your natural and spontaneous contribution to a team will support you in succeeding in your role.

Our training programme is highly practical and builds on experiential learning scenarios to help you build on your strengths and deliver more to your team.


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe Belbin team types
  • Understand the different Belbin team types and their needs
  • Identify their primary Belbin type
  • Learn to accommodate different types
  • Act as the center of the storm – develop techniques to coordinate team work through information sharing
  • Apply communication techniques to team crisis situations



Prework: Participants are asked to complete the Belbin Team type questionnaire and receive the debrief during the training day

  • Team SWOT analysis
  • Exercise
  • Debriefing – Belbin Team Theory
  • 9 Belbin Team Types
  • Types in your team
  • Filling the gaps – behaviors your team needs
  • Personal Transfer Plan

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Any person acting assisting a team

Informations supplémentaires

The "+" of this training

Participant will practice implementing the above through experiential exercises and obtain precise debriefing from the expert.
They will bring along their professional scenarios and situations to get concrete feedback and advice on how to transfer learning directly to their workplace.

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