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Training market

In 2013, 80% of the training bodies on the market in the Grand Duchy were in the private sector. They are mainly structures with less than five employees.

A small minority of the private bodies also operate outside the Grand Duchy.

Word-of-mouth is the type of communication most widely used by the private bodies to make themselves known. Internet is the most frequently used channel for their promotion.

A large majority of private training bodies

The market for training in the Grand Duchy covers a number of different categories of training bodies:

  • private bodies,
  • institutional / sectorial bodies,
  • not-for-profit associations.

In 2013, four out of 5 training bodies were in the private sector. Half the private bodies have training as their sole or main activity. This is particularly true of those structures with less than five employees.

Mainly small-scale structures

The principal feature of the private market for training is the presence of a majority of small-scale structures: 63% of the private bodies have less than five employees.

Boom in training bodies

The training market began to boom in 1999, with the introduction of arrangements for co-funding of training. Three-quarters of the private training bodies active in 2013 were set up in or after 2003.

There was another boom in the offer after 2011, coinciding with increased State participation in the corporate training effort, amounting to 20% of the annual investment in training. One-third of the private bodies were set up between 2011 and 2013.

The small structures are more recent than the larger ones: 50% of those with no employees began their activity after 2010.

In-house trainers and external trainers

40% of the private bodies employ all their employees as trainers. In those structures with less than 5 employees, nearly 80% of the employees are trainers. The proportion of in-house trainers falls as the size of the structure increases: the figures are 35% for structures with between 5 and 19 employees and 18% for those with 20 or more employees.

Half (48%) of the private bodies use the services of external trainers. The others only use their own in-house trainers. The largest structures – 67% of those with 20 or more employees – rely more heavily on external trainers.

Providing training courses with our without a training room?

One-third of the private bodies have no training room, and 40% have only one.

Of those which have at least one training room, one out of ten declares at least one hire to external trainers.

In addition, 41% state that they rented premises for their training activity.

A geographical area of activity extending beyond the Grand Duchy

Slightly fewer than half (48%) of the private bodies limit their training activity to the Grand Duchy exclusively.

For 26% of the private bodies, the geographical area of activity corresponds to the Grande Région. The training activity of the remaining bodies extends beyond the boundaries of the regions bordering the Grand Duchy:

  • 16% limit their catchment area to European countries exclusively, and
  • 10% extend this area beyond the frontiers of Europe.

The commercial strategy of the private bodies

Word-of-mouth is the most widely used means of communication

The reputation of the private bodies represents their main commercial asset, since 75% state that word-of-mouth is a decisive factor in their commercial success, and 64% report that they meet training buyers directly. The small scale of the market in the Grand Duchy certainly encourages this mode of communication.

Internet is the most widely used channel of promotion

To attract their customers, the private bodies mainly use e-mailshots (62%), and pay particular attention to their website (64%). They also purchase advertising space on other websites (18%). However, only 16% of the private bodies use advertising in the written press and 2% use radio and television, probably because of the high cost of these channels of promotion.


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