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Return to work training placement

Offering a new start to adult job seekers

Job seekers over the age of 30 and who have been registered with the Agency for the Development of Employment (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – Adem) for at least 3 months are eligible for a return to work training placement for employment (stage de réinsertion). 


If a private sector company is prepared to take on a job seeker for a return to work training placement, it provides the Agency for the Development of Employment (Agence pour le Développement de l’Emploi – Adem) with the description of the available position so that it can be allocated.

The request should be sent to the Job Placement Service (Service Placement).

The training placement lasts for a maximum of 12 months. The Adem seconds the trainee to the training placement manager for this period.

Type of financial support

Employers who take on a job seeker for a professional reinsertion may, under certain conditions, receive 50% of the minimum wage for unqualified workers.

Conditions of financial support

Cost of the training placement for the employer

The company agrees to reimburse the Employment Fund (Fonds pour l’emploi) a share equal to 50% of the minimum wage (salaire social minimum - SSM) for an unqualified worker.

This share is reduced to 35% if the people employed are of an under-represented sex in the business sector and/or profession in question.

The Adem will transfer the amount of the share due to the company.

Merit bonus

The company may pay the trainee an optional merit bonus that will not be taken into account when calculating the full unemployment benefit.

Compulsory medical examinations

The company must ensure that the trainee undergoes the compulsory medical examinations with the relevant occupational health department.

Employment priority

If recruiting staff, the company must prioritise the recruitment of a former trainee if the trainee has become a job seeker again in the 3 months preceding the recruitment.

Monthly attendance statement

In order to enable the Adem to pay trainees within a reasonable time period, the company must send the Adem a monthly attendance statement no later than the 3rd working day of the month. It must also notify the Adem of any changes in the trainee's circumstances.


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