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L4S - personalised learning workshops

To improve general knowledge and skills

L4S Learn for Success personalised learning workshops are aimed at adults wishing to improve their general knowledge and skills.

They accompany the adults in their projects:
  • to prepare for a test, an entrance examination or a promotion;
  • to gain access to a job or a training course;
  • for professional or personal development.


L4S offers training suited to each personal project, with tailor-made organisation in terms of content, duration, pace and accompaniment. A personalised programme and timetable are decided on at the initial interview.

Ateliers L4S - Emploi du temps Mars-Juin2018 Learning covers the following areas:

  • languages (German, French, English);
  • mathematics.

L4S provides textbooks, exercise sheets and on-line training programmes.

L4S workshops offer:

  1. the possibility of making a registration appointment at any time   and making a rapid start;
  2. variable training duration – short (minimum 10 hours) or long;
  3. an initial individual interview to provide you with guidance and advice;
  4. a flexible, adjustable offer, with time slots tailored to suit your schedule;
  5. a registration fee of 3 euros per hour (plus a contribution of 0.30 euros per hour to the cost of equipment)* – people in financial difficulty may be entitled to a reduced charge of 10 euros for an entire course;
  6. limited number of learners per workshop;
  7. attentive trainers who will accompany your progress.

At the end of the course, the learner receives a certificate of participation and an individual report listing the new knowledge and skills acquired.

L4S training courses are eligible under the schemes for group access to training (co-funding of businesses’ training plan) and individual access to training (individual training leave).

*Possibility to benefit from a reduced rate in accordance with the conditions laid down in the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 23 April 2013.


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