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Master craftsmanship (Brevet de maîtrise)

Adults who wish to set up and run their own business or who would like managerial role in a craft, manufacturing or commercial business can obtain the Master Craftsmanship by attending preparatory classes with the Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers), in order to be accepted for the final examination.

The Master Craftsmanship provides the skills to become an independent worker in the crafts industry, to perform a managerial role within a company and to train apprentices.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18,
  • Hold a Technical and Vocational Training Certificate (Certificat d'Aptitude Technique et Professionnelle - CATP) / Professional Competence Diploma (Diplôme d'Aptitude Professionnelle - DAP) in their chosen trade, or (for foreign qualifications) provide documentary evidence of equivalent qualifications. Holders of a post-secondary diploma, a general or technical secondary school leaving diploma or a Technician's diploma are also accepted, subject to the speciality in question.
  • Have at least 1 year of work experience in order to sit the final examination.

The Master Craftsmanship can also be gained either wholly or partially via Validation of non-formal and informal learning (Validation des acquis de l'expérience - VAE).

Preparatory classes

Preparatory classes for the Master Craftsmanship are broken down into 3 modules:

  • Business organisation and management
  • Applied educational theory
  • Professional theory and practice

The training usually lasts for 3 years, but the maximum time allowed to pass all of the modules is set at 6 years. Classes are usually held on weekday evenings and on the weekend.

Applicants are free to put together their own study programme suited to their own pace. When registering they choose the modules that they would like to attend.

The list of trades covered by the Master Craftsmanship may vary according to demand and from year to year. Applicants can find further information on the Chamber of Trades website.

View: liste de métiers dans lesquels des cours sont organisés – Année 2017/2018.

Final exam for the Master craftsmanship

The Chamber of Trades holds two examination sessions per year: a spring session and an autumn session.

At each session, applicants may sit exams for the business organisation and management, applied educational theory and professional theory courses. The professional practice examinations are only held in the spring.

In order to be accepted for the exam, applicants attending the preparatory courses must demonstrate an attendance rate of 80% for the classes for which they are registered.

Registrations are accepted from 15 June until 15 August at the latest. Registrations for classes and exams must be renewed for each session.

02 Example

Lucie, 34, holder of a Technical and Vocational Training Certificate (Certificat d'Aptitude Technique et Professionnelle - CATP) /Professional Competence Diploma (Diplôme d'Aptitude Professionnelle - DAP) in hairdressing, is employed by a major international hairdressing chain.

Lucie has worked for the same employer for more than 10 years and now wants to give her professional career a new impetus. She plans to open her own hairdressing salon.

In order to gain the knowledge and skills required to set up and manage her own business, Lucie needs to obtain the Master Craftsmanship in hairdressing. She contacts the Chamber of Trades, which informs her that she will need to attend a preparatory training course that includes business organisation and management classes, applied educational theory classes and professional theory classes.

If Lucie diligently attends the proposed training course, has a minimum attendance rate of 80% for the classes and passes the final exam, she will obtain her certificate in the space of 3 years. Afterwards she will also be able to train apprentices.


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