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What is continuing training?

Continuing training is a key stake in modern society and in a labor world that is constantly changing, both in terms of the competitiveness of companies and the employability of individuals.

The requirement for training that goes beyond initial training is a reality which individuals may face at any stage of their professional or personal life.

Continuing training is part of the wider concept of lifelong education and training, and enables each and every one of us at various stages of our lives to:

  • Benefit from training to obtain an initial qualification,
  • Add to or improve our knowledge,
  • Change our professional prospects,
  • Adapt to new technologies,
  • Enhance our personal knowledge.

Collective access to training

Companies are the privileged place for collective access to continuing vocational training.

A training plan is an indispensable management tool for the implementation of a company's training policy. Employees are thus collectively involved in the economic and social development of the company.

Stakes for the companySupport measures

Training is a factor in:

  • Competitiveness and performance 
  • Maximising human capital 
  • Assisting with restructuring, flexibility and mobility 
  • Assisting with recruitment 
  • Employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Assisting with social dialogue,
  • An investment to guarantee sustainability

There are two measures available to companies:

Individual access to training

The individual is faced with the need to take responsibility for his/her professional destiny. His/her professional and even personal success is largely dependent on the investment that he/she agrees to make in his/her personal development.

Luxembourg legislation has created a legal framework favouring individual access to continuing vocational training.

Important aspects for the individualSupport measures

Training is a factor in:

  • Developing skills 
  • Maximising your earnings 
  • Professional recognition
  • Career development
  • Staying in employment
  • Social integration
  • Personal empowerment
  • Personal fulfilment

There are several measures available:


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