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Training related to the rights to practice and to set up a business

In the Grand Duchy, training related to the right to practice and the right to set up a business is offered in order to work in:

  • craft trades, accessible through the Master Craftsmanship (Brevet de maîtrise),
  • various business-related professions in the broadest sense,
  • parental assistance ('assistance parentale' or 'Daageselteren').

Crafts and trades

The Master Craftsmanship ('Brevet de maîtrise') is the professional qualification required for certain trades in order to set up in self-employment and train apprentices.

It is the company manager training course par excellence, and is aimed at future company managers and anyone aiming for a managerial role in a craft, industrial or commercial company.

Through the wide array of subjects taught, including Company organisation and management, Applied educational theory and Professional theory and practice, the master craftsmanship provides the key knowledge needed to create and run your own business or to occupy a managerial post for an employer.

Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers)

B.P. 1604
L-1016 Luxembourg
Tel. (+352) 42 67 67- 271
Tel. (+352) 42 67 67- 203

Business-related professions

Setting up a business in the Grand Duchy offers great career prospects, provided that you have mastered the basic management techniques that are crucial to ensuring the success of your future company.

Training available at House of Training in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce aims to promote a spirit of enterprise and helps people wanting to be self-employed obtain the necessary authorisation to set up a business in the various business-related professions.

Training at the House of Training is for people with plans to work in:

  • Not specifically regulated
Property-related professions
  • Estate Agent
  • Property Developer
  • Property Administrator and Management Agent
Hotel, restaurant and café sector
  • Manager of a drinking establishment (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  • Manager of an establishment providing food and/or accommodation
Transport professions
  • Road haulage and/or passenger transport

House of Training

7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-2981 Luxembourg
Tel. (+352) 46 50 161

Parental assistance

Parental assistance consists of taking care of minors on a regular basis, either during the day or at night, at the request of people holding parental authority over them, as a paid activity.

No-one may work as a parental assistant either full- or part-time if they are not accredited.

Parental assistance accreditation is only issued to people able to prove they have the required professional qualifications. Candidates who have not already undergone basic socio-educational training or care/healthcare training must attend a parental assistants' training course before they can be accredited.

Becoming a parental assistant: the stages in obtaining accreditation

Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

Department of Children and Youth
Education and Care Service
29 Rue Aldringen
L - 1118 Luxembourg

Tel. (+352) 247 86547


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