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Prior to the training plan

Drawing up a training plan requires a systematic set of questions, a reflection prior to its implementation in order to result in training measures relevant to the company's needs.

Asking the right questions is the key to the success of your training plan:

  • Why: What objectives need to be met, referring to the company's global objectives and the human resources management policy?
  • What: What are the priorities in terms of objectives and/or people to undergo training?
  • How: What are the processes (formal or non-formal) that enable general objectives to be turned into targeted actions?
  • How much: What budget can be allocated to training?

Training activity

What is your company's approach to training?

The table below suggests some basic questions to address for company training.


What is the purpose of the training?

What type of questions does the training answer?

What factors have an impact on skill needs?

What training projects are organised or have already been organised?

What main training themes (project categories) do the training projects fall under?

How are the projects defined?

Are the training programmes put together with the required objectives in mind?

Are the objectives defined in relation to work-based situations?

Is it based on a straightforward gathering of individual wishes in reference to a training catalogue?


Is it internal training, external training, on-the-job training, bespoke training, supplier training, adaptation training for a position, observation of company practice, visiting exhibitions, fairs etc.?

When will the training take place?

Will the implementation of the training be monitored? Will the training be managed?

Will outcomes be evaluated?

Have the specific outcomes expected from the training been defined in advance?

Have the indicators used to measure the results been defined?

How much?

What is the available budget?

How is it calculated?

These types of questions also require all company stakeholders to take a participatory approach to preparing the training plan.


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