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Conference & Panel Discussion - Leading with Integrity

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, Welch College of Business - 13/3/2019

The Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg presents:

                                            Leading with Integrity: A Conference & Panel Discussion

Conference & Panel Discussion - Leading with Integrity Leading with integrity is paramount in addressing the challenges society faces with financial crisis, the political landscape, climate change, and societal movements led by younger generations.

  • Where can we lead with integrity?
  • What makes a good leader and how can we influence and inspire others?
  • Does honesty work?

The Jack Welch College of Business aims to address these questions and challenges head-on during our panel discussion.

Guest speakers Bert Boerman, David Clutterbuck, Viviane Reding and Rolf Strauch will share, discuss and debate their unique perspectives on leadership with integrity at all organizational levels in the context of the financial crisis, political landscape, climate change, and societal movements. Gain insights on what actions can be undertaken to strengthen leadership integrity across your organization.

Introductions by Guy Harles and Alfred Steinherr, moderated by Eros Sharma, followed by a networking cocktail.

Kind support for this conference provided by Arendt & Medernach.


  • 18h00 - Conference Check-in
  • 18h30 - Opening Remarks

    Guy Harles - Founding Partner & Co-Chairman at Arendt & Medernach
  • 18h35 - University Greetings & Introduction of Panelists

    Alfred Steinherr - Academic Director at Jack Welch College of Business, SHU Luxembourg
  • 18h40 - Introduction of Topics

    Eros Sharma - Adjunct Instructor at Jack Welch College of Business, SHU Luxembourg
  • 18h45 - Panel Discussion:

    Bert Boerman - CEO at Governance.com

    "Leaders in the financial sector hold the keys to the entire economic system, and failures can bring this system to a halt as we have seen in the past. Leadership with integrity is however about more than avoiding fraud and excessive risk taking. It's about empowering people to transparently take decisions on a daily basis that create value while protecting the organization, it's stakeholders and the financial system, even if those decisions may conflict with personal interests."

    David Clutterbuck - Practice Lead at David Clutterbuck Partnership

    "Is there is a clash of principles between leaders of integrity and courage? Or is it a chaotic demonstration of the worst aspects of political maneuvering?" David Clutterbuck will draw on his own and other research into the nature of effective modern leadership and into the role of coaching and mentoring in politics to ask salient questions for the development of the next generation of leaders in all aspects of society.

    Viviane Reding - Member of the Luxembourg Parliament

    "In professional life and political engagement, principles are the same. In order to build confidence (indispensable for a long-term engagement with clients, voters and collaborators), transparent and coherent action, based on integrity and predictability, is a must."

    Rolf Strauch - Chief Economist & Management Board Member of Economics, Policy Strategy, & Banking at the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) & the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)

    “The key quality of leadership is integrity – the consistency between values, beliefs and deeds. Leading with integrity in a European institution means valuing diversity and respect, believing that united we stand taller, and doing your best for the well-being of the European people.”
  • 19h45 - Question & Answer
  • 20h00 - Networking Cocktail

This event is open to the public. Registration is Mandatory.


Additional Information:

  • Parking: Kindly note that there are NO PARKING facilities at the venue.Closest parking can be found at Auchan Kirchberg (5 Rue Alphonse Weicker, 2721 Luxembourg)
  • Tram connection: Stop: Kirchberg, Nationalbibliothéik / Bibliothèque Nationale
  • Bus connection: Bus Line: 1/125, Bus Stop: Kirchberg, Alphonse Weicker

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Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, Welch College of Business


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Date 13/03/2019
Horaire 18h30
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Lieu Arendt House
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