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EPALE - Online Discussion - Vocational education and training for adults – what is needed and how to get it

EPALE - 30/11/2017

As part of our November focus on vocational education and training (VET) for adults, EPALE is organising an online written discussion on what vocational skills adults need today and what challenges they face in acquiring them.

The discussion will be moderated by EPALE’s Thematic Coordinator for Quality, Andrew McCoshan.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share with the EPALE community your experience and views on any of the following topics:

EPALE - Online Discussion - VET for adults – what is needed and how to get it Challenges

  • What factors are driving change in VET for adults in Europe?

  • How is work changing, how is this affecting the skills needed?

  • Which groups of adults are most in need of VET and are they able to get it?
  • What obstacles do they face? Which groups of adults face most obstacles?


  • How does VET for adults need to change (curriculum, pedagogy, learning settings, qualifications, systemic frameworks like governance)?
  • Who needs to be involved to make VET for adults effective and why (civil society, VET providers, employers, public employment services, other stakeholders)?

  • What sort of connections do we need to make between continuing VET for adults and initial VET for young people?

  • What obstacles stand in the way of making these connections?

  • What role should be played by the validation of non-formal and informal learning?
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Date 30/11/2017
Horaire à partir de 10h00
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