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Webinar - The unreachables in adult education

Let Europe Know About Adult Education (LEK-AE) - 09/05/2017

Let Europe know about adult education According to Eurostat (2012)[1] circa 24% of the European population risks poverty or social exclusion. Besides this UNICEF (2008)[2] concludes that 22% of the population of the industrialized countries is illiterate. Both figures show the need of upgrading the status and increasing the livability of an enormous group of inhabitants. Our group of "vulnerable adults" still increases every day. Therefore investment in this group, for example in upgrading their skills is needed. Especially in times of economic crisis we should be aware of clever interventions for inhabitants risking social exclusion or unemployment. For example low skilled and illiterate learners are vulnerable groups in these times, due to their lack of possibilities in showing their competencies. Therefore adult education is needed in order to upgrade their skills and to increase their possibilities for social inclusion and reintegration into the labor market.

But the major issue is that it is still hard to reach these potential learners. Although it seems the case that a lot of inhabitants face serious problems and will benefit adult learning we still don’t have clever solutions to reach them in an easy way. New studies show what most successful ways in reaching vulnerable adults are. Join our webinar to find out what the newest possibilities are in order to reach the vulnerable adults for adult learning? Take the opportunity to improve your daily work and to become successful in reaching the unreachable vulnerable adults for joining adult education.

by Prof. Dr. Maurice de Greef (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Prof. Dr. Maurice de Greef is Visiting Professor Learning effects Low skilled and Illiterate Learners and realised a dissertation (PHD) about outcomes of adult education. He managed local, regional and European projects in innovating learning-environments, strategic policy-making in adult education and developing strategies for approaching learners and realising new courses in local settings. He trains teachers on these topics. He’s member of the national board of non-formal adult education and responsible for the national conferences about adult education. Besides this he’s member of the board of the national organisation for civil servants of education. He’s also project-manager in realising new learning-environments for minority-groups.

More about the LEK project: http://www.infonet-ae.eu/let-europe-know


[1] Eurostat (2012). At risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU27. Luxembourg: Eurostat.

[2] UNICEF. (2008). The state of the world’s children. New York: UNICEF.

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Let Europe Know About Adult Education (LEK-AE)


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Date 09/05/2017
Horaire 9h30 à 10h30
Lieu Webinar

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