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New - "Digital Trust for Smart ICT - Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data"

ILNAS / ANEC - 03/08/2017

ILNAS will organize a new training aiming to improve the knowledge of ICT professionals in Smart ICT domains. Focus will be put on three Smart ICT domains, namely Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data from the perspective of Digital Trust. It will help participants to better understand the Digital Trust challenges in Smart ICT sector in order to facilitate their development and to discover technical standardization activities in these domains.

Digital Trust has become an essential component for the use and development of Smart ICT. These technologies offer huge economic development prospects, but many challenges still need to be addressed to unleash their potential and widespread adoption (e.g.: security and privacy issues in all Smart ICT technologies, interoperability and connectivity problems in IoT, loss of control their data by cloud user in case of Cloud Computing and unauthorized processing of data in Big Data). In this context, standards guidelines developed by European and International standardization organizations help to minimize these challenges and to ensure an adequate level of Digital Trust.

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