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Learning to say "NO" naturally

There is no perfect "NO"

Cap sur la Sophrologie S.à r.l., Sophrologie du Travail et Ressources Humaines - 12/07/2017


To say "NO" is not systematically a questioning of the relationship, or undergo an unpleasant reaction, or feel guilty. Let us be kind to ourselves and save our time and energy, to say a qualitative "YES", which will enable us to achieve a satisfactory result and assume a "NO" free from the usual frustrations.

But how can I do that?

What are the "YES" that can contribute to my well-being? We can imagine a great showcase of "YES" and "NO", a kind of "gourmet" showcase, and have fun choosing just 1 or 2 "YES" and 2 "NO" for the day...

How do I do if I have more "YES" than "NO" to my mind?

Give yourself the right to negotiate, propose an alternative, a longer period, or explain that it is not possible at the moment... if the negotiation fails.

Once the "NO" is assumed, enjoy yourself by feeling the positive effects that it gives you (relief, relaxation,...) There is "NO" perfect "NO".

To be conscious of our needs, and to be attentive to the needs of others, according to our possibilities, seems to me to be the essential thing.

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Cap sur la Sophrologie S.à r.l., Sophrologie du Travail et Ressources Humaines


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