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New study programmes about to start

University of Luxembourg - 19/04/2017

New study programmes about to start In September, 2 new Master programmes and 2 new lifelong learning programmes will start at the Faculty of Humanities. The new Master in Border Studies is a two-year joint international study programme, which deals with one of the most challenging questions of the 21st century: borders.

With a focus on the complex economic, political, social and cultural topics of border regions, it will enable students to get a deeper understanding of borders, (de-, re-) bordering processes in Europe as well as in other border regions in the world. The study programme allows students with different disciplinary backgrounds to receive a broader approach of territorial, social, cultural and political borders and border processes.

The multilingual study programme is located in three countries at four different universities:

  • University of Luxembourg (LUX)
  • University of Lorraine (FR)
  • Saarland University (DE)
  • University of Kaiserslautern (DE)

It is designed for students with different disciplinary backgrounds who wish to develop the necessary skills and competencies to work in intercultural and cross-border settings. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the field of social or spatial sciences, cultural studies, linguistics, literature, intercultural communication.

The programme is limited to 20 students. Courses are taught in German, French and English. The Master in Border Studies prepares for a career in cross-border and intercultural working settings, especially in border regions in Europe (such as the Greater Region) and beyond. Further details on the programme and the admission can be found on the website of the Master programme.

The Master in Architecture is a two-year English-taught programme which combines both a traditional curriculum of architectural education and a profiled programme structured around three major themes: architecture, European urbanisation and globalisation.

The "Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Educatives en cours d'emploi" and the "Formation continue en Coaching d’apprentissage dans les processus de professionnalisation" are lifelong learning programmes specially designed for professionals from the fields of social work. Further details on the website of the Lifelong Learning programme.

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