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Transition from school to working life Quel début de carrière pour les élèves de l'enseignement secondaire technique? Transition Ecole - Vie active: 8 trajectoires types d'entrée dans la vie active
Europe and training New Skills agenda for Europe 10 actions to help equip people in Europe with better skills
Training offer Séance d’information Brevet de Maîtrise 2016/2017 La Chambre des Métiers organise un séance d'information à l'attention des personnes intéressées le 14 juillet 2016
Continuing training Lancement du projet Erasmus + "Training Without Borders" Construire un espace régional pour la formation des jeunes les plus fragilisés dans 2 secteurs porteurs: construction et aide à la personne
Continuing training DAES - une seconde chance d’obtenir un diplôme et d’accéder aux études supérieures Nouvelle formation offerte par l'Ecole de la 2e chance
Request financial supportIndividual training leave, Language leave
Co-fundingIn-company training
Forms, notice, calculator
You are a Training provider
TEVATransition Ecole -
Vie Active
Direct financial grant from the State20% of the total training investment of companies
Training investmentInvoices, registration fees, salaries of participants
Co-funding calculatorEstimate how much co-funding your company could claim
Co-funding trainingFind out everything you need to know to apply for co-funding.
Formulaires et
notice explicative
Forms and explanatory notice
Formulare und Erläuterungen
Video tutorial
Co-funding of training
Projet de loi cofinancement
In-company trainingBusinesses seeking assistance from the State, most active sectors of activity, average hourly cost of training
Training provisionCharacteristics of training providers currently operating in Luxembourg
Training ObservatoryStudies and analysis about training
and the training
L'accès à la formation des salariés - 2013
L'effort de formation des entreprises - 2013
All publications
Transition Ecole - Vie Active
Indicateurs, baromètre et trajectoires
Training courses by domainLanguages, IT, personal and professional development
Access to a diplomaPossibilities for adults to obtain a qualification: trainings, VAE, recognition
General interest coursesTrainings organised by or covered by a contract with the Adult Training Service
FormanewsReceive each month our training newsletter
Continuing training: Who does what?Training stakeholders
What is it all about?Manage changes throughout life
Skills auditWho can help me?
Entering the labour market
  • E2C - Second chance school
  • CIE - Employment Initiation Contract
  • CAE - Employment Support Contract
  • COIP - Guidance and professional initiation classes
Re-entering the labour market
  • Return to work training placement
  • Initiation and development training
  • Professional reintegration initiatives
Claudine Colbach
Maison de l’orientation
Take individual training leaveIndividual training leave
Learn LuxembourgishLanguage leave
Organise your working hours around learningFlexitime or unpaid leave
Seek specific financial supportTax deductibility, state financial aid for students in higher education, European grants
Eva Wuellner
Lindab S.A.
Ursula Schinzel
Aims Luxembourg
Subsidies for businessesCo-funding of training, subsidies for Luxemburgish courses
Video TestimoniesLe congé individuel de formation
What is Validation of non-formal and informal learning (VAE)?Enhance your professional and extra-professional experience
Secondary technical education diplomas and Master Craftsmanship
Higher Technician Certificate
University Diplomas - Bachelor and Master
Nadine Goetzinger
Ecole précoce Kayl
Jean-Paul Ochem
Président de la Commission de validation de la VAE
A propos de l'étude TEVA Permettre aux jeunes d'obtenir facilement et rapidement un emploi de qualité est un vrai enjeu de société dans un contexte où les jeunes font partie, avec les seniors, des publics les plus touchés par le chômage.
L'étude TEVA apporte une évaluation objective des premiers pas dans la vie active des jeunes sur les 3 premières années qui suivent leur sortie de l'école.  More Information on TEVA in English
Indicateurs clés
Baromètre 11 indicateurs pour
suivre les progrès
réalisés d'une
génération à l'autre
Insertion professionnelle et qualité des emplois Indicateurs en matière d'insertion professionnelle et de qualité des emplois occupés par les jeunes au cours des trois années qui suivent leur sortie de l'école.
Début de carrière Trajectoires de début de carrière pour les jeunes qui sortent pour la première fois de l'école.
Master, Bachelor, BTS
Master Craftsmanship
Secondary School Leaving Diploma, DAES, DAEU
Technical Secondary School Leaving Diploma, DT, DAP, CCP
Classes de 9e
Validation of non-formal and informal learning (VAE)An additional means of access, in whole or in part, to diplomas
Reconnaissance des diplômesFaire reconnaître un niveau d’études, un diplôme ou une qualification professionnelle obtenu à l’étranger
Lifelong learningWhat is it all about?
The training glossaryFor a better understanding
Training stakeholdersWho does what?
Developing my competencesMy personal project and career plan
Company training planTraining management tool
Becoming an approved training bodyAuthorisation to carry out training activities
Training provisionCharacteristics of the training market in Luxembourg
How the training bodies operate
In-company trainingCompanies' training effort
Employee access to training
Training stakeholdersWho does what?
The training glossaryIn which training domains do you operate?
Becoming a member of lifelong-learning.luIncrease the visibility of your training body
Present your training offer
Rent out your training rooms
Becoming an approved training bodyAuthorisation to carry out training activities
Find a training course7 144 courses offered
175 registered providers
Find a training room84 training rooms available for hire
Find out more about our members and their training offer
The Adult Training Service of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth supplies a training offer especially tailored to meet the needs of adults.
General training coursesProvided by secondary schools, municipalities and associations under contract with the Ministry
L4S - Learn for successPersonalised learning workshops to improve one's general knowledge
Basic - learning to write, read and do arithmetic better
Training relating to naturalisation
Trainings related to Reception and Integration Contract - CAI
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